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// Boston Magazine

The Best of Boston, 2007

State S. Barbers wins the coveted Best of Boston award for Best Men’s Haircut. “Flush with man’s-man appeal, State Street has mastered the traditional art of the coif. The careful shampooing and scalp and shoulder massages feel like what they are: masculine indulgences, not girly frivolities.”

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// Entrepreneur Magazine

A New Business From an Old Idea

“Capitalizing on consumers’ nostalgia is yet another potential approach. In true throwback fashion, State Street Barbers, located in Chicago and Boston, gives modern hair cuts to men in an environment decked out to look like a ritzy salon in the 1920s. Patrons are given a cold beverage when they walk in and can get a hot lather shave with a classic straight razor and hot towels.”

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// The Boston Globe

Best of the New, 2007

State St. Barbers is awarded the “2007 Best of the New” award by the editors of Boston Globe Magazine, who write, “At State Street Barbers, a manly place albeit one where guys can get expert (shhh) beauty services, even the haircuts include a massage. The South End shop is all wood paneling, leather barber chairs, and ‘20s memorabilia. The shave includes steaming with a hot towel, a pre-shave oil treatment, and hot lather.”

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// Dig Boston

Dig This Awards, 2006

“State St. Barbers is recognized with the 2006 Dig This Award for Best Men’s Hairstylist. It took us a while to get over the fact that the South End’s State Street Barbers is actually on Washington Street. But we did, and now many of us have been going there since. A transplant from Chicago, State Street offers a classic, non-emasculating barbershop experience, complete with dark wood, good music, your choice of beverage, the best straight-razor shave in town, and, of course, a mean chop. They even throw in a jackhammer shoulder massage.”

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// Upscale Living

Shave for the Boston Gentleman

“Top quality cuts and hot lather shaves that were once passé have now become the hottest trend for Boston men. Today, the city’s chicest men are now faced with a stylish alternative to fussy salons and uninspiring chains. State Street Barbers has come to the rescue, providing just what they are looking for and possibly more.”

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